Ceramic Grinding Media

Our alumina ball is made of α alumina (α-Al2O3, the most thermodynamically stable form) by pressed or rolled and fired at a very high temperature in the tunnel kiln.

Alumina grinding ball of high alumina content is one ideal ball mill grinding media, it can improve grinding efficiency and keep your product clean! It is high-density and ultra-high fired. It is ideal for both wet and dry milling.

Alumina Lining Brick are high grade grinding media made by advanced cool isostatic pressing technology and fired at high temperature. With overwhelming merits in higher density, more regular shape, easy installing .They are excellent for grinding processing of ceramic bodies and glaze materials in tile industries.


Alumina grinding balls are widely used in ball mills as abrasive media for ceramic raw materials and glaze materials. Ceramic, cement and enamel factories as well as glasswork plants use them because of excellence of high density, high hardness, and high wear resistance. During the abrasive/grinding processing, ceramic balls will rarely be broken and the contamination factor is minimal.

Being the wear-resistant liner for the ball mill, alumina lining brick is the best choice to increase the grinding efficiency and reduce the grinding cost. Currently, alumina lining brick is being widely used in ceramic, cement, paint, pigment, chemical, pharmacy and coatings industries.

Products for Ceramic Grinding Media