Glass Beads

Glass Beads are a spherical abrasive, manufactured from chemically inert soda lime glass. Glass Beads are used for cleaning, finishing, light peening, deburring, sanitizing, descaling, coating removal, polishing and surface blending.

Glass Beads produce a bright satin finish; finer beads produce a smoother non glare finish, while larger beads produce a deeper textured finish. Blasting with Glass Bead does not produce any dimension changes to the part base surface.

Chemical Analysis in wt.% (60-100mesh)
Index SiO2 Na2O K2O CaO MgO Al2O3
Typical value 72.6 13.40 0.3 8.02 2.8 0.75
Physical properaties:
Hardness >Moh Specific Gravity g/cm3 Bulk density g/cm3 Shape Free Silica Free Iron% Free IronColour
6-7 Mohs 2.4-2.6 1.5 g/cm3 Spherical NIL ≤1% Clear
Size mesh 25-45 30-40 40-60 40-70 50-70 50-80 60-120 70-140 100-170 120-270 170-325
Size um 710-355 600-425 425-250 425-212 300-212 300-180 250-125 212-106 150-90 125-53 90-45

Cleaning, surface finishing and sanitizing of metallic parts, especially effective on stainless steel, food processing equipment, medical instruments.
Shot peening of aircraft engine blades, turbine rotors, gears, blisks, shafts, steam and gas turbine components. Stress corrosion cracking prevention.
Deburring and surface blending of gears, turbocharger parts, ferrous and non ferrous fabrications, aluminum die casting and machined parts.

Anti-slip floor/pavement