Aluminum Oxide for Laminate floors

Aluminum oxide used in wear-resistant paper and laminate wooden floor coering, and also used in super lapping, sliving, painting, etc.

Aluminum oxide antifriction powder is an indispensable material to improve the wooden floor’s resistance to wear. It can form a super thin antifriction layer on the decorative paper together with melamine etc. It can also be impregnated on the paper to form a semi-transparent antifriction paper then covered on the decorating paper. And the antifriction layer requires high quality, good wear-resistance and high transparency, or the grain of wood will be covered. Besides, it can improve the antifriction features of the paintings after adding aluminum oxide antifriction powder into paintings.


1. Good particle spherical degree, even particle size, concentrated single particle shape, make wooden floor to achieve wear-resisting effect.

2. High cleanliness, good diaphaneity, white color and luster, make the grain of wood clear and beautiful.

3. High hardness, good toughness, stable chemical resistance, make the product quality is very high.

4. Good safety, fruity particle, form a surface protective film which reduce the template damage to the minimum.

Code Bulk Density (g/cm3) Grit Size (μm) Cleanness
T180 ≥1.80 125~90 ≥97°
T220 ≥1.76 106~50 ≥97°
T240 ≥1.75 75~30 ≥97°
Grits Available:

Abrasives: T180,T220,T240.
In accordance with the current GB/FEPA/JIS sieve standards.