Laminate Wood Flooring has quickly become a popular flooring option because it is sensibly durable and a cost-effective alternative to traditional Hardwood Flooring. However, all laminated wood floors are subject to UV Related Fading and trample , Aluminum Oxide can helps to slow down the process. And it is a very important component in maintaining a great looking floor over time.

To improve the wear resistance of laminated wood flooring, specially treated Aluminum Oxide grains from Sinabuddy can be dispersed in a transparent resin layer covering a decorative paper. The products are especially suited for high resistance laminate flooring (AC3/AC5) without loss of transparency, even with very dark colors. This grains need to have the following characteristics:

1.High hardness, particle density, good single particle roundness;

2.White, no impurities, ensuring wear-resistant layer or wear on paper color and transparency;

3.Particle size distribution concentrated, single single-particle form, minimum amount with maximum effect.

Products for Laminated wood flooring