Black Aluminum Oxide (BA)

Color: Black
Hardness: 9 Mohs
Shapes: Angular, Cubic
Grits/Sizes: F12-F220, F240-F1000
In accordance with the current GB/FEPA sieve standards

Black Aluminum Oxide (BA) is used as Blasting-Media to process the surface of work piece, cleaning impurity, pipeline cleaning, vessel body cleaning, Jean cloth sandblasting, etc. It’s also mainly used for sandblasting of stainless steel, fabricated metal products, optical glass, bamboo products. lt is also very good in polishing like stainless steel table ware, surface of stainless steel, and high-grade work pieces, hardly burn the surface when lapping.

Typical Chemical analysis in wt.% (F24)

Index Al2O3 SiO2 Fe2O3 TIO2
Typical value 63.48 20.41 8.69 2.78