Black Silicon Carbide (BSIC)

Color: Black
Hardness: 9.3 Mohs
Shapes: Angular, Cubic
Grits/Sizes: F12-F220, F240-F3000
In accordance with the current GB/FEPA sieve standards

Black Silicon Carbide is the hardest Blasting-Media available, allows for very fast cutting speed and much shorter blast times relative to softer blast media.
It is widely used for etching and carving of hard metals and stone, and for aggressive deburring, scale removal and edge breaking on Components of harder substrates. It can also be used for frosting and etching glass.
It can be recycled and reused many times.

Typical Chemical analysis in wt.% (F46)

Index SiC Fe2O3 F.C. Hardness
Typical value 99.11 0.11 0.12 9.3