Calcined Alumina

Sizes Available:
100-325mesh, 325mesh, 500mesh, 800mesh,
5μm, 3μm, 2μm, 1μm;
Other sizes are also available on request.

Calcined Alumina is produced through the calcination of alumina with various temperatures.
We are able to produce a range of high alpha alumina grades with controlled soda chemistry,
surface area and size distributions.
It is widely used for the unshaped refractories and shaped refractories, pre-cast shapes used
in foundry, iron and steel making, wear-resistant ceramics, glazes, high temperature
resistant porcelain, electronic substrate, etc. It also could be used as grinding and polishing


Index Refractories grade Ceramics grade Polishing grade
Al2O3 99.3~99.7% 99.4~99.8% 99.4~99.6%
Fe2O3 0.02~0.05% 0.03~0.04% 0.03~0.05%
Na2O 0.2~0.35% 0.15~0.35% 0.2~0.35%
SiO2 0.01~0.15% 0.03~0.05% 0.15~0.2%
Specific Surface Area
(BET) m2/g
0.8~2 0.3~2 1.5~2
Primary crystal size μm 1~6 1~5 1~4

Other specifications are also available on request.