White Aluminum Oxide (WFA)

Color: White
Hardness: 9 Mohs
Shapes: Angular, Cubic
Grits/Sizes: F12-F220, F240-F3000
In accordance with the current GB/FEPA sieve standards

White Aluminum Oxide (WFA) contains virtually no iron content making it a safe abrasive for applications that require minimal foreign contamination. This allows white aluminum oxide to be used in critical aerospace automotive engine components manufacturing, aircraft engine and airframe components.
It is also an excellent blasting material for deburring, etching glass and lettering stone,etching medical/dental parts, preparing surfaces for coatings, engine parts, and preparation for welding and bonding, etc. It can be reused several times before discarding.

Typical Chemical analysis in wt.% (F46)

Index Al2O3 SiO2 Fe2O3 Na2O
Typical value 99.38 0.12 0.06 0.24