Ceramic Beads

Color: White
Hardness: 7 Mohs
Shapes: spherical
Grits/Sizes: B20, B30, B40, B60, B80, B100,
B120, B150, B170,B205, B400, B505

Ceramic beads are iron-free and have a very long service life when compared with glass beads. It is a high-tech Blasting-Media that meets the very highest standards.
Ceramic beads can widely be used for both impact surface treatment and the shot peening applications. Such as cleaning without dimensional change of carbon deposits and other impurities from glass making and rubber tire moulds, shot peening ferrous and non ferrous items including aircraft engine blades, turbines, deburring thin gaskets, stress relieving, scale removal, etc.

Typical Chemical analysis in wt.% (B120)

Index ZrO2 SiO2 Al2O3
Typical value 62.21 26.10 9.06